Welcome to Debbie's Chessies!
 New litter was whelped 10/13/14.    If interested, please call 501-475-8400 for more details.   Please "like" our Facebook page, "Debbie's Chessies" and view all the photos of past litters.

Debbie's Chessies is a breeder of AKC Chesapeake Bay Retrievers located in Central Arkansas.  We are excited to be able to bring this top breed of dog to you and your family! 

The photo on the right is our beautiful female "Saylor" who is now 5 years old.    She is right at home in the water!  She loves to swim and retrieve whatever you throw out for her.   

Please check out our Photos page and find photos and videos of some of those pups at their new homes. 
Our sire is "Trucker" who is 3 years old.  "Trucker" is a fabulous dog! He loves the water and will retrieve anything you throw in it! He loves to run beside the 4-wheeler and the faster you go, the faster he goes. This boy can run!

"Saylor" and "Trucker" are both very loving dogs and they take pride in protecting their home.  

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have large square heads, broad chests and a beautiful wavy coat.  They are very loving and desire lots of activity! 
They are wonderful companion pets and make GREAT hunters.  If you are a duck hunter, this dog is for YOU!

Our Chessies are family and all puppies are raised in our home with all the love and affection they can handle.  We can't wait to help you bring one of these beautiful puppies in to your family.

We appreciate you stopping by and taking a look at our beautiful Chessies!

Thank you!
Randy & Debbie Biggs

Please check us out on facebook at Debbie's Chessies to see photos and comments from owners of our pups!!   Please feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message for more information. You can also email us at


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